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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are our courses and dance parties intended for?

For anyone :-) You don't need any dance experience or talent. The dances we teach are simply for everyone. Age doesn't matter either, and certainly not the figure. In the schedule of our dance studio, you will find courses and dance parties. It is good to learn to dance at least a little first and only then go to dance parties. This will prevent unpleasant feelings for you and your partners. 

Where can I find out which courses are currently running and when the next ones start?

Our courses run almost all the time :-) Regular courses have 8 lessons and they all start and end at the same time. After the end of one course run, another run immediately follows. Individual courses follow each other at a higher level in the same day & time. The most advanced courses with the lowest number of participants are replaced by new courses for beginners.

During July and August we have three-day intensive courses, usually Tuesday + Wednesday + Thursday in the evening.


Current courses can be found at these places:

- in the reservation system there is always the most up-to-date information about the courses and you can also sign up there.

- you can also access the reservation system from the website and you will also find descriptions and examples of individual dances.
- on our Facebook page you will find events for individual courses
- we have printed schedules at the studio reception that you can take with you.

How much does it cost?

One lesson costs 260 CZK per person and the whole course CZK 1,680 per person and 8 lessons. For those interested in multiple courses at the same time, we have bulk discounts, which you can find in the course description in the reservation system or at the studio's reception.

How to start?

We recommend the following procedure:

  1. Take a look at our timetable (see above) and choose a course. If you have never danced, of course choose a beginner's course Beginner's courses are marked with as "I". As for choosing a dance, ask people who already dance or watch sample videos on the page dancing, how the individual dances look and what music they are danced to. Or come and see a dance party. Everyone likes something different, so it's hard to recommend which dance to start with, but most people end up learning a few dances anyway.

  2. Sign up for the course via the reservation system -

  3. Make payment online or by cash/card at our reception before the first lesson. You can pay for the whole course (a cheaper option) or you can pay for individual lessons.

  4. We rotate couples in an organized way on the course, so you will dance with everyone and get to know everyone quickly. It will also be easier for you to dance with others at dance parties. If you don't want to take turns, you don't have to, just inform the lecturer :)

  5. Already during the first course, we recommend going to evening dance practices/parties and practicing what you learned on the course. 


What should you wear?

Anything :-) Prefer something comfortable, people come to us in tracksuits, tennis shoes, just don't worry and wear anything. Only our shoes wouldn't have to make black lines on the parquet.


What if you can't come to class?

We do not refund the money paid, but we offer the following options:

  1. PAYMENT AFTER INDIVIDUAL LESSONS- this option is more expensive, but there is no risk of missing lessons

  2. PAYMENT OF THE ENTIRE COURSE - this option is cheaper, but of course includes the risk of missing lessons for any reason. In case of choosing this option, the participant must take this risk into account.

  3. IN CASE OF MISSING A LESSON, WE ALLOW REFUNDS of this lesson on another course or lesson under the conditions specified in the rules of the reservation system.

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