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1. We do not return the money back!

2. Payment options

Paying by individual lessons - this option is more expensive, but there is no risk of missing lessons.

Paying for the entire course - this option is cheaper, but includes the risk of missing lessons for any reason. In case of choosing this variant, the participant must take this risk into account.

Paying for the first lesson of the course separately and then surcharge the course - you can pay for the first lesson separately for the price of the individual lesson and pay for the rest of the course in addition to the 2nd lesson. The surcharge then amounts to 7/8 of the course price.

3. Cash and card payments

After paying in cash or by card, you will always receive a receipt. The receipt contains a field for filling in the name and address if you need so for insurance companies etc.

4. Payments via the online payment gateway

Courses and credits can be paid for in the online reservation system by credit card. When paying online, an invoice is generated and sent to you by email. Don't forget to fill in your billing information in your profile BEFORE PAYING! It is not possible to pay for individual lessons and rentals online, but you can purchase credits online and individual lessons and rentals are automatically deducted from them.

5. Payments through the credit system

You can purchase credits online in the system, which you can use to reserve individual lessons, courses, hall rentals, and also to pay entrance fees to dance parties.

6. Payments by bank transfer and issuing invoices

Payment by transfer and the issuance of an invoice must be requested in advance by email at

When paying by card online, an invoice is automatically generated, the download link will be sent by email, just be careful - fill in the invoicing information in your profile before paying! It is no longer possible to correct an invoice generated in this way!

It is no longer possible to issue an invoice after payment and presentation of the receipt at the reception desk.

7. Payments using benefits

Sodexo Multipass - can be used for INDIVIDUAL LESSONS and non-discounted COURSES. By attaching the card, you pay the entire amount of the lesson or course.

Benefit plus - can be used for INDIVIDUAL LESSONS and non-discounted COURSES. By attaching the card, you pay the entire amount of the lesson or course or generate an order in advance on the Benefit plus portal, thereby speeding up check-in at the reception because we will record the payment in advance in the reservation system.

Edenred - can be used for INDIVIDUAL LESSONS and non-discounted COURSES. By attaching the card, you pay the entire amount of the lesson, in the case of a voucher, you pay the amount up to the full price of the lesson or course.

Multisport - can only be used for INDIVIDUAL LESSONS, which cost 130-140 CZK, i.e. currently only Latino dance FIT and Dancing for children and also for DANCE ROOMS/PARTIES that have an entrance fee of CZK 100 and above

Multisport partner - after presenting your Multisport card, you can take advantage of a 20% discount on courses for BEGINNERS.


8. Replacements for missed lessons

If you miss a lesson, we allow you to replace the lesson on another course or lesson under the following conditions:

Regular courses:

- you can replace a maximum of 3 lessons of the course

- the replacement cannot be chosen for a course of a higher level than the one you are attending or have previously attended, and this applies to all dances.

- it is possible to choose a replacement within 3 months of the missed lesson

- it is not possible to choose a replacement at weekend workshops and lessons that are not organized by Stolárna (rentals)

- in order to apply for a refund, it is necessary to log out of the lesson in the reservation system within 4 hours before the start of the lesson and log in to the substitute lesson via My Account -> "Reservation" (logout) and "Substitutions" (sign up for the substitute lesson)


9. Injuries and illnesses

In the event of a serious injury or long-term serious illness, it is possible to request completion of the course after recovery. Common illnesses are not considered serious illnesses. For a request to postpone the course, send an email to


10. Change of paid course

Changing the paid course is possible before the 2nd lesson of the course at the latest.

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