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Wedding dances

Are you planning a wedding? Learn a wedding dance with your bride-to-be or even a choreography to surprise your wedding guests! We will teach you how to dance and create a choreography for everyone in the pleasant environment of our dance studio.

Number of lessons and price:
Individual lessons are provided by our teachers in the halls of our dance studio.

The price depends on the choice of a specific lecturer and ranges from 600 - 800 CZK per hour + 150/180 CZK for the rental of the hall (you can find more information about rentals here). The number of lessons depends on the chosen dances, the complexity and length of the choreography and your dancing skills. Usually 4-6 lessons are enough, but it is individual.

Individual lessons are currently provided by the lecturers listed below, and if you are interested, please contact them directly:

Daša Bátorová - 734 703 897, dasha.bator @,

Daša is specializing to latino dances salsa, bachata and kizomba but can create a choreography also for popular songs.

Monika Něničková - 739 451 102, monikanenickova @,

Monika is specializing more to modern music and dance styles and Brazilian zouk and lambada. 

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