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Summer intensive courses 2024

In the summer period from 1st July until 8th September 2024, summer intensive courses will traditionally take place. Each course will take place on 3 or 4 consecutive evenings between 17:45 - 22:15 and will have a total of 8 lessons of 75 minutes each. You can use compensation from regular courses on summer courses.

Timetables: (click to enlarge)





Schedules to download in PDF:

July -

August -

September -

Reservation system with schedule and login option:

How and why to use the reservation system can be found on the "Rules of the reservation system" page.

In the schedule you will find couple dance courses:

Cuban Salsa and Salsa Linea

Dominican Bachata

Angolan kizomba

Brazilian zouk and lambazouk

Argentine tango

American west coast swing

Descriptions of dances and sample videos can be found on the "Dances" page.​

The courses are divided into the following advanced levels:

I. - complete beginners

II. - lower intermediate

III. - Intermediate

IV. and above - advanced


one lesson - 260 CZK

course for 8 lessons - 1680 CZK

course for 7 lessons - 1470 CZK (from the 2nd lesson)


QUANTITY DISCOUNTS for courses purchased at once (for one person):

2 courses - discount 100 CZK (CZK 50 less for 1 course)

3 courses - discount 240 CZK (80 CZK less for 1 course)

4 courses - discount 440 CZK (110 CZK less for 1 course)

5 courses - discount 700 CZK (140 CZK less for 1 course)

6 courses - discount 1020 CZK (170 CZK less for 1 course)


ATTENTION - if you are a member of a club, the so-called "mania", you get a 10% discount on courses, which cannot be combined with a bulk discount! The discount is applied automatically when booking the course if you have paid the membership fee for the month in which the course starts. So it is necessary to pay the mania first and only then book the courses!



Payment can be made in cash, by card at reception, online or with benefits. We recommend online payment, as it generates an invoice that you can use for a contribution from the health insurance company and will also contribute to faster check-in at the reception.

You can pay either by individual lessons (more expensive option) or for the entire course (cheaper). If you miss the first lesson, you can only pay for the remaining 7 lessons, and after paying for the first lesson separately, you can pay for the remaining 7 lessons.



If you miss a lesson, we allow you to replace the lesson on another course or lesson under the following conditions:

in order to generate a refund, it is necessary to log out of the lesson in rez. system min. 4 hours in advance! It is not possible to cancel by phone. To apply for a refund, sign up for a replacement lesson and select a reservation with a refund that will automatically be offered to you. The refund is valid for 3 months.

a maximum of 3 missed lessons from one course can be made up

a replacement cannot be chosen for a course of a higher level than the one you completed and this applies to all dances

it is not possible to choose a replacement at weekend workshops and lessons that are not organized by Stolárna (rentals)



We do not refund the money. If you have paid for the course in advance, you have the option to withdraw from the course until the end of the previous day before the start of the course, and the amount will be returned to you in credit, which has unlimited validity. From the day the course starts, only lesson replacements can be used (see section Replacement of missed lessons).

In the event of a serious injury or long-term serious illness, it is possible to request completion of the course after recovery. Common illnesses are not considered serious illnesses.



Changing the paid course (transferring to another course) is possible only after the 1st lesson of the course by sending a request to change the course to the email

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