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not just a dance studio

we will teach you how to dance
you will meet new friends
you will have a great time
you become a member of the community
you get to know other cultures better
you don't need your own partner or talent
you will simply discover a dance paradise :-)

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About us

We are Luděk and Pavla and we are dance addicts. In other words long-time dancers and instructors of all possible and impossible dances. Dance is our passion, our life and fulfills our mission to bring joy, enthusiasm and love to people's lives precisely through dance. In our dance studio, you will forget all your worries and enjoy the time spent dancing. You will meet a lot of wonderful people, maybe you will fall in love, usually only for one dance, but maybe for a lifetime. In addition, studies show that dancing has a beneficial effect on human health and delays physical and mental aging. We will probably completely change your life like thousands of other people, but you definitely won't regret it just like the others :-)

Why Stolárna?
Because the area of our studio originally served as a company where furniture was made 
and the idea of wood processing seemed to us somehow suitable for a dance studio :-D 

Together with us, many other dance enthusiasts teach at Stolárna, i.e. experienced and high-quality lecturers, who we methodically lead in the spirit of Stolárna's philosophy, which is the merging of dances and communities.. In Stolárna you will discover the magic of Brazilian, Caribbean, African, American or classical European couple dances. And thanks to the education system built and improved over many years with us YOU DO NOT NEED YOUR OWN PARTNER OR TALENT! :-) After all, as the name of our dance studio suggests, really "we process every "wood"... :-)

Podívejte se jak to u nás vypadá :-)

Podívejte se jak to u nás vypadá :-)

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Olomoucká 14, Brno 61800


- in our area (if there is a place)

- parking by tram stop Životského

- in the streets Charbulova, Jeronýmova, Porhajmova, ....



Děkujeme za zprávu!

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