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Club memberships "mania"

After completing 4 levels (courses) of the given dance in our dance studio, you have the opportunity to become a member of the club of advanced dancers of the given dance! :-)

The following clubs operate within the Stolárna dance studio:


The training dates of individual clubs can be found in the schedule and an overview of the conditions in the training description.

What is the goal of the clubs and the contents of the training sessions?

Clubs are intended for people who want to work on themselves long-term and improve together with others. They are not intended for those who want to come to a lesson/training once every few weeks/months! Therefore, the terms of payment apply as stated below and exceptions are not possible. The content of the trainings is advanced dance technique and general dance technique (including constant repetition), leading and following exercises, choreography exercises and, for those interested, rehearsing performances and then performing at events.


Terms of membership

Completion of at least 4 levels of courses in the given dance (we recommend more)

Agreeing with the lecturer on admission to the club. You may be rejected for reasons of capacity or insufficient level (taking 4 courses is a requirement but does not guarantee admission). You will be given a reason for the refusal.

Payment of membership fees CZK 600/CZK 750 per month (depending on the number of weeks in the month). There are discounts for membership in multiple clubs:

membership in 2 clubs - a discount of CZK 100 per month

membership in 3 clubs - a discount of CZK 300 per month

membership in 4 clubs – selva 600 CZK per month

membership in 5 clubs - a discount of CZK 1,000 per month

ATTENTION - you can only pay for the whole month, you can't pay for individual trainings and there is no possibility to use compensation for missed trainings! Only commuters of 70km or more can have an exception, they can pay individual trainings for 150 CZK and must have agreed with Pavla Lužná. Club members must pay at least 9 months per year. In case of participation in fewer months of the year, we do not consider the membership to be meaningful and the lecturers have the right to exclude the member from the club.

Applications and payments

Registration for clubs is done in the same way as for courses through the reservation system. Each month is conducted in the system as one course.

In case of payment for several manias, in order to obtain a quantity discount, it is necessary to make reservations for all visited manias at the same time via the shopping cart and pay everything at once.

Membership benefits

10% discount on regular courses (the discount cannot be combined with a volume discount on courses!)

the possibility to help out for free on lower level courses to match the number of men and women


Club membership benefits do not apply to party admission! Members of all clubs pay entrance fees to parties just like anyone else (due to the low entrance fee and the high total number of club members). Course discounts do not apply to weekend workshops.

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