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Reservation system rules


1. User registration in the reservation system

To enter the reservation system, use the menu on this website or the direct link

Account creation options:

- filling in the data name, email, or phone and create an account

- via Facebook account

- through a Google account

You cannot make reservations for lessons or courses without creating a user account.

After registration, please check that you have set Czech/English as your default language.

ATTENTION 1.! The connecting element of the accounts is the email address, so if you create an account under one email address and then log in with the Facebook account you use under a different email address, you will create a second account and not see the reservations and refunds from the first account!!!​​

ATTENTION 2.! Without logging out of the lesson in the system, it is not possible to use compensation for missed lessons!

2. Reservation of lessons and courses

You can sign up for individual lessons or entire courses. Paying for individual lessons is a more expensive option. If you want to take advantage of volume discounts on courses or discounts on membership in clubs of advanced dancers called "mania", follow the instructions below in chapter 3. Use of discounts.

Signing up for an individual lesson - find the desired day in the schedule, click on the lesson and select the "Book a lesson" button under the lesson description. After the first lesson of the course, you can pay for the entire course no later than the 2nd lesson, but the price of the first lesson will no longer be reduced, i.e. you pay a higher price for the first lesson and from the second lesson you pay an additional 7/8 of the course price.

Registration for the entire course or for several courses - use the "Add to basket" button. In this way, you pay for all the courses at once, and if you are entitled to a discount, it will be automatically applied in the shopping cart. If you only register for the 2nd lesson of the course, one lesson will be deducted from the course price (1/8 of the course price).

3. Use of discounts

Volume discount for courses - if you want to attend several courses at the same time in one course run, you are entitled to a volume discount. To apply the quantity discount, it is necessary to add all the courses to one basket and then the quantity discount will be applied in the basket. Prices for volume discounts are listed in the course descriptions in the reservation system. To take advantage of the volume discount on courses, it is therefore necessary to book (and then pay for) all courses at the same time! Discounts cannot be combined, i.e. volume discounts can only be applied to full course prices.


10% discount on club membership "mania" (clubs of advanced dancers, detailed information can be found on the page Club memberships - "mania") - if you have paid the membership fee of one of the "mania" clubs in the month when the selected course begins, you are entitled to a 10% discount on the entire course. The discount will be applied automatically after adding the course to the shopping cart. First, it is necessary to pay the "mania" membership fee.

4. Logging out of a lesson and making up for missed lessons + your user profile

You can unsubscribe from course lessons and thus use the possibility of replacing up to 3 lessons from one course.

You can unsubscribe from the lesson no later than 4 hours before the beginning of the lesson!


You have two options for logging out of lessons and courses:

Unsubscribing from a lesson in the timetable - in the timetable, click on the lesson you want to unsubscribe from and select "Cancel" under the lesson description. Next to the Cancel button, you can always see how much time you still have until cancellation.

Booking a replacement lesson in the schedule - if you have loaded replacements, after clicking the "Reserve lesson" button, the system will offer you which replacement you want to use, if you don't have any, it will offer you a normal paid registration for the lesson.

Logging out of a lesson and booking a replacement lesson in the user profile (recommended) - click on your account (email) on the top right and select "My Account". On the My Account page, you will see the courses and lessons you are registered for:

Reservation tab - here you will see a list of all the lessons you are signed up for and you can unsubscribe from them

Courses tab - here you will see a list of all the courses you are registered for and after clicking on the course you can unsubscribe from it

Membership card - an overview of your course bookings, payments and refunds

Substitution card - this card does not show a list of substitutes, but offers lessons where you can book a substitute directly from this card. After clicking on "Sign up", the system will offer you a list of substitutes that you can use. However, this function only offers the nearest lessons, so you have to use the timetable to sign up for a lesson that takes place in a longer time.


Logging out of the entire course - to log out of the entire course, please do not use the logout from individual lessons, but from the entire course in your user profile - the "Courses" tab.


5. Reservation of halls for rent + cancellation of rent

A special overview is created for hall reservations -

Rental reservation - log in to the system and click on the box that corresponds to the time and hall you want to reserve. In the new window, specify the desired rental length and confirm. Gray and red boxes mean an occupied hall. The white fields are free from rent. Your rental will be lit green. For room reservations

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