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Dances that you can learn with us and examples of dances performed by our teachers :-)


SALSA is a spirited dance originating from Cuba. The music is cheerful, full of typical instruments and rhythms. Salsa is the most famous and widespread couple dance in the world today, and most of our students start with it and then try other dances. There are several styles of salsa, and in Stolárna we mainly teach the CUBAN SALSA style and sometimes also the more modern SALSA LINEA style, which is danced the most in the world because it does not use the demanding movements of Cuban salsa, but is somewhat adapted to us "white people". Salsa should definitely not be missing from your repertoire!

SALSA - Radek & Petra
SALSA - Tomáš & Jana
SALSA - Viktor & Petra
SALSA - Radek & Daša
SALSA - Matěj & Katka
SALSA - Martin & Petra
SALSA - Tomáš & Zuzka

Brazilian ZOUK & LAMBADA

The meaning of the word ZOUK, which means party, speaks for itself. And the zouk really is a party. Dancing it is an incredible experience. It has so many forms! And everyone can customize it to their liking. He's never the same, and that's the beauty of him. It can be mysterious, passionate, sexy, playful, more classic or, on the contrary, very modern... there are so many possibilities! It always depends on the specific music, your partner, your mood. You will never be bored while studying. It is said about zouk that it is often not that attractive to look at, but whoever tries it will absolutely fall for it. Fall for him too, you won't regret it! :-)

Zouk evolved from the original LAMBADA, but it also developed in its own direction and is still being danced and taught. Lambada (we used to call it LAMBAZOUK) is also available in our schedule. It is characterized by great positive energy, smooth, often very rotational, movement and typical head movements by partners. During the lambada, the dancers feel a great joy of life and give it to everyone watching. Compared to the zouk, which nowadays has a relatively "freestyle" form, the lambada has a fixed system of steps. It may seem easier to some and more complicated to others.